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Episode #5.3

Episode #5.3 2013

imdb 7.6 345

Abby begins an affair with Laura, whom she sees as her soul-mate so she is shocked when she learns that she is actually Laura's imaginary friend from her childhood and that Laura's power, given her by the storm, was to create Abby - who previously did not exist. Laura is scared by this and rejects Abby, who feels depressed. However the two girls combine to get rid of Scary, the bogeyman Laura feared as a child and they remain friends. Greg, having seen Finn being 'exorcised' by Alex, mistakenly believes the boy is gay and makes advances to him - which almost results in the death of yet another supervisor though Greg, feeling ashamed, agrees to back off whilst Rudy is saved from a mugger by flying super-hero Sam.

Runtime: 50
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Starts: Karla Crome, Joseph Gilgun, Nathan McMullen, Natasha O'Keeffe
Director: William McGregor

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